UK Liaison Office at CERN
19 Dec 2016



Welcome to the UK Liaison Office Information Pages -  Information for the UK-PP Community concerning support for Long-term Attachment to CERN.



The UK Liaison Office Team provides support to students and researchers for issues concerning relocation and settling in to work at CERN. We offer guidance and assistance in resolving issues, all in an effort to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The UK Liaison Office is also a contact point for UK institution Group Leaders and provides support for CERN-related matters.

We endeavour to keep this site as correct and current as is reasonably possible, but cannot guarantee that laws, links and contacts have not changed since the last update. Please contact us should you come across information which is missing or appears to be incorrect.

The UK Liaison Office cannot be held responsible for errors on this site nor for any action taken based on information contained herein. Individuals must check with the appropriate institutions and confirm all information before taking any action. We are happy to help offer basic guidance, but final responsibility lies with you. 

Please note:  Any arrangements between an individual on LTA and the respective Team Leader/Supervisor/Budget Holder/ PI prevails. ​

Contact: Twomey, Anne-Marie (STFC,CERN,PPD)