19 Dec 2016







The UK Liaison Office manages a pool of vans/cars, hired from CERN, for the use of our community.

Vehicles can be borrowed on the condition that one:

  1. Possesses CERN Driving Authorisation. Accessed via EDH, Other Tasks, Other Services, Car Driving Authorisation​
  2. Has obtained a CERN Mission Order, if driving outside the LHC ring perimeter;
  3. Has collected a CERN Personal Identifier from your experiment secretariat
  4. Agrees to only transport passengers 18 years or older.

Students:  If determined that a student needs to use the vans, the student's supervisor must contact the UK Liaison Office Team via email stating that permission is granted. All of the above conditions still apply.

Once all conditions are met, drivers should contact the UK Liaison Office to request profile set-up and access to the STFC Vehicle Booking Site.​

All CERN vehicles, including the STFC-UK pool vehicles, are to be used only for official purposes. CERN rules concerning the use of vehicles can be found here. ​

All passengers riding in CERN cars or vans, including the vans in the UK pool, must be in possession of a valid CERN access card or valid CERN visitor card and be at least 18 years of age.​​​


  • Please do not excessively block-book a vehicle
  • Drivers must carry at all times –
    • A valid driving license and CERN Driving Authorisation
    • A valid ID card or passport
    • A valid CERN attestation issued by the Users Office or valid Swiss/French cards
  • When travelling in Switzerland, it is a legal requirement to drive with the daytime headlights switched on
  • All fines, including towing away, illegal parking or exceeding the speed limit are the responsibility of the driver. The UK Liaison Office is notified of infractions by the Office of the CERN Director General and then contacts the driver for prompt settlement of the fine
  • Vans may not be used outside a 25km radius from CERN without prior authorisation from the budget holder and the UKLO
  • Any damage must be brought to the attention of the UK Liaison Office so that repairs can be arranged


  • Available vehicles are to be parked in the reserved spots in the lot near buildings 20 & 168
  • If, for any reason, you cannot park in the reserved spots, please leave a note with the key directing the next driver as to where the van is located
  • If you find an unauthorized vehicle parked in one of our reserved spots, please take a photo of the vehicle's plate and forward it to the UK Liaison Office Team. We will then notify the CERN Parking Team
  • By the end time of your reservation, please  return the van keys to the Van Key Lock Box located at the entrance of the UK Liaison Office


  • When the fuel indicator displays that the level of fuel is below half full, users must refill the tank to full. The CERN Petrol Station is located behind the CERN Medical Service. Instructions for operating the fuel pump are on the screen located on the pump itself. 
  • There are times when it cannot be avoided, however, please make every effort not to refuel vans at petrol stations outside of CERN as this will affect the mileage counter and will require a CERN Service Desk request to re-set the counter before filling up at the CERN pump
  • Vans should be kept clean and tidy. Please remember to remove all personal belongings, bottles and wrappers


  • In case of general technical problems during working hours please call 72042 (building 130) for assistance
  • In case of a refuelling problem please call 72228 (mobility centre)
  • Outside of normal working hours, call 0800 811 911 for mechanical/technical help


This is a summary only​​ - please see the CERN Official Circular no 4 for complete instructions

  • For all accidents please complete the European Accident form (Constat European d'Accident Automobile). Give this to the Legal Services Department at CERN, and copies to the UK Liaison Office and the CERN Mobility Centre as soon as possible.
  • Accidents on the CERN site – alert the CERN Fire Brigade and Rescue Services Tel: 74444
  • Accidents outside of CERN involving serious injury and/or damage – call the Swiss Police or French Gendarmerie. Tel: 112 (European emergency number. Ensure that a copy of any report is sent to the Legal Services Department at CERN, and copies to the UKLO and the CERN Mobility Centre as soon as possible.
  • The insurance cover on leased vans carries an excess on every accident/damages claim made. This cost is CHF 1000 per claim. You should therefore take care and attention at all times to minimise the risk of accidents.

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