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This section includes information for Researchers on Long-term Attachment to CERN.  Information specific to Students can be found here

Researchers - Information for the LTA Guidelines and the options for completing Visit Notices can be found here, under the Long-term Travel section.  Once an Visit Notice has been approved, the Traveller will receive an email notification generated by the site.  Important - the email is to be considered the official record of the LTA.  Soon after, the Traveller will be contacted by the UK Liaison Office to discuss the details. Please don't hesitate to contact our team before your LTA has been fully approved, especially if you will need STFC accommodation.


Please review the attached document carefully as it includes Traveller Responsibilities and other important information. SUPPLEMENT TO LTA CONFIRMATION NOTIFICATION April 2019.pdf

Health Insurance

Please go to the Travel and Claims page for full details concerning liability and insurance while on LTA.

Please ensure that you are in possession of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leaving the UK. You will not be able to apply for an EHIC once you have left.  Instructions for how to apply and full details for covered treatment in the region (Switzerland and France) can be found on the NHS site or by telephone on the 

EHIC Helpline 00 44 (0)191 218 1999

Oftentimes, presenting the EHIC to the doctor or hospital before your treatment commences is sufficient. However, if the particular treatment required usually carries a cost to local residents, you may be expected to pay at the time of service. More information on claiming a refund for charges can be found here.

Finding a Doctor

An excellent resource is the CERN Medical Service site.  The site includes details for local hospitals and a tool to search for health care providers.  While on the CERN site, there is also the possibility to contact the Infirmary for guidance.  The Emergency number at CERN is 74444.

Importation of Personal Effects

Please refer to the Guidelines, found on this page under Long-term attachment, Useful Information for specifics concerning removals at part of your LTA.

For Budget Holder approved removals, as the Traveller, please gather three quotes and forward them to the UKLO Team, with copy to your experiment PI.  The UK Liaison Office will advise which quote is accepted.  Generally, the Traveller must claim reimbursement of the removal charges.  Here is a list of removal companies for gathering quotes.  LIST OF REMOVAL COMPANIES 2017.docx

For removals to Switzerland - Should you need to transport more than that which you will carry with you at the time of your arrival and If we have advised that your accommodation is located in Switzerland, at least two weeks before your scheduled arrival, you will need to complete the form 1844 (EN).pdf and an Inventory_personal_effects.pdf (example.)  Then, forward both documents, along with a scanned copy of the photo page of your passport, to our team at uklo-team@cern.ch.  The original copies of the 1844 and personal inventory list must be send by mail to the customs broker at the below address:


Av. Louis Ruchonnet 57

1003 Lausanne

Passports and Visas

You must be in possession of a valid passport and are responsible for checking that you have the necessary documents to live and work in Switzerland and/or France.  You will find more on the CERN Users' Office site, please follow this link.

Accommodation at CERN

STFC holds leases for several properties in the region for accommodating students.  Most accommodation are found in residential buildings located in the St. Genis Poully area of France, with some in Meyrin/Geneva, Switzerland.  All of the STFC housing is located near to CERN - many within reasonable walking distance.

Once you have been provided with accommodation by the UK Liaison Office, please be aware that the rules and customs for rental accommodation may not be what you are used to. "Wear and tear" is not recognized and tenants are expected to return properties in the same condition as found in arrival.

All property damage, mould, leaks or broken items in your accommodation must be reported to the UK Liaison Office immediately.  It is our obligation to inform the agencies/landlords, and often the insurance agency, so that we can minimise repair costs and damage to adjoining apartments.

Tenants must keep accommodation in a tidy and clean state. The owner/agency may need to enter your apartment for maintenance checks or emergency repairs. We will do our best to inform you before this happens.

We will arrange with you a convenient date at the end of your LTA for the Check-out. Accommodation must be returned to us in the condition it was upon your arrival.


Smoking is not permitted within STFC accommodation.

Barbecuing is only permitted at stationary grills near the lake in Geneva or at specific places in France and is absolutley forbidden on apartment balconies.

Internet Connection for your STFC Accommodation

For Switzerland:

Internet connection is already set up in each accommodation.  You will receive an invoice from the UKLO for these charges.

For France:

You will be responsible for setting up your internet service in your accommodation and ending the contract at the time of your departure.  New contracts can be set-up in-person at the Orange shop in the Val Thoiry Shopping Mall or by phone on the English helpline, 0033 969 36 39 00. 

To set up your internet account you will need:

  • Proof of address/ Attestation de Residence (a document issued by the UK Liaison Office)
  • The name of the previous tenant (You will receive this from the UK Liaison Office)
  • A valid credit card, or a debit card that can be used abroad. (In France, English debit cards are referred to as credit cards)  Important:  Please ensure you have a means of payment before your arrival.  If you are interested in setting up a direct debit from your UK bank account, please ask the Orange representative (contacted via the English Helpline) for a form for a UK bank.

The UKLO is not responsible for the setting up of internet accounts, the management of bill payment and the final closing of your internet account. Before you return to the UK please ensure that you contact your internet provider in order to pay any final bills and to make arrangements for returning your Wi-Fi box.                                                                                                                         

Contact: Diallo, Andrea (STFC,CERN,PPD)