08 May 2017







The standard Team Accounts should only be used for CERN expenditure in the following scenarios

  1. Internal CERN services, for example, van billing
  2. for items from CERN stores
  3. for hardware bought through CERN for use at CERN
  4. for collaborative purchases with other funding agencies

For transactions involving external agencies you must use collaboration accounts, please consult directly with CERN finance in order to set up one of these accounts. 

Team Accounts should not be used to bypass STFC Procurement rules.

'Request For Funds' (RFFs) should only be issued on collaboration Team Accounts (starting T29xxxx, T5xxxxx, T6xxxxx, T7xxxxx). If they are issued on standard Team Accounts, the funds paid in advance will not necessarily be used to cover open FC invoices on STFC Team Accounts under the control of a different Team Account Manager.

On occasions where an RFF has been issued on an “STFC" account and then a TID has been created between the collaboration team account and the institute team account, a 'double invoicing' scenario has been created and this has caused a lot of accounting complications and confusion.

Likewise, Team Accounts should not be used for "banking" ​money. TIDs should not be used for managing funds from external sources and the standard team accounts must not be used alongside TIDs and RFFs. If you have funds that are to be used for your institute team expenditure or you wish to receive funds from an external body please do not use RFFs and TIDs to facilitate this. 

If you have any difficulty in establishing the best route for your transactions please contact CERN finance to discuss the options available to you.


The External Funding Team within the CERN Finance Department has a range of solutions for experiments conducting financial transactions at CERN.  Full program details, Rules of Use and Contact Information can be found here or through the CERN Admin e-guide.​