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Once you have received notification from STFC Studentships that you will receive the funding you should follow this link, which will lead you to the instructions for registering with the UK Liaison Office at CERN (UKLO). 

If you are not funded by STFC but would like to stay in our accommodation please contact us. We might be able to help. 

The arrival and departure dates for students on 50 weeks LTA are below:

​​Arrivals 2024-25
w/c ​​30th September 2024
​w/c 13th January 2025
​Other arrival dates are possible, please contact us.

​​Departures 2024-25
​by 23rd September 2024
​by 12th January 2025​
​​by 23rd September 2025


STFC holds leases for several properties in the region for accommodating students. The accommodations are found in residential buildings located in Meyrin/Geneva, Switzerland - many within reasonable walking distance of CERN. Since they are all located in residential areas, please do your part by following a few basic rules: no loud music/noise after 10 pm, no rubbish in corridors and keep the accommodation tidy. 
Students are placed in one of the following types of accommodation: studio apartment, 1 bedroom apartment or multiple bedroom apartments shared with other students. Although we cannot accept general requests for accommodation or location preferences, please do inform us of any specific concerns you may have concerning living arrangements. Individuals with reduced mobility should contact us. Please note that your accommodation can be subject to change at any time throughout the duration of your stay. ​

​All properties are furnished and in addition to large furniture items will include:

Vacuum cleaner, kettle, iron and ironing board, basic kitchen equipment - saucepans, pan, cooking utensils, crockery - plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, basic glassware, shower curtain, bath mat and mattress protector.

​Internet connection is already set up in each accommodation. No action is necessary on the part of students.

All property damage, mould, leaks or broken items in your accommodation must be reported to the UK Liaison Office immediately. It is our obligation to inform the agencies/landlords, and often the insurance agency so that we can minimise repair costs and damage to adjoining apartments. 

All accommodation includes insurance coverage for contents and civil liability insurance for the STFC tenants. 

We will arrange with you a convenient date at the end of your LTA for the Check-out. Accommodation must be returned to us in the condition it was upon your arrival.

All Students on LTA must agree to follow the Student Responsibilities January 2023.pdf and the CERN Code of Conduct.


All STFC students are residents in Switzerland. If you are an EU or UK national you do not need a visa to live in Switzerland. However, UK nationals must be in possession of a passport which is ​valid for 6 months after date of entry to switzerland.​

The Convention d'accueil document is required in all cases for non-EU citizens as it serves as a short-term work permit until you receive your French and Swiss cards. Please apply for this document from your experiment secretariats.

All non-EU/UK nationals please check the entry requirements needed to live in Switzerland. 


Your Institute is responsible for providing adequate travel and medical insurance for you. You will need to know the name of the insurance provider(s) in order to complete the LTA form.​

Your insurance company might be able to help you in locating a healthcare provider, however, another excellent resource is the CERN Medical Service site.  The site includes details for local hospitals and a tool to search for healthcare providers.  While on the CERN site, there is also the possibility to contact the infirmary for guidance.  

A useful resource to find a medical practitioner is onedoc.  The Emergency number at CERN is 74444.


Even if you already have a CERN access card, you must visit the Users' Office to update your file and increase your percentage to 100% as soon as you arrive at CERN for your LTA. This action will initiate the process to request your Swiss and French residency and work permits. At the end of your LTA, you must inform the Users' Office of your departure, decrease your percentage at CERN  and return your residency and work permits.

CERN Users office website


We are aware that there can be many stresses for people at CERN. It is important that if you are struggling with stress or mental health issues, you seek support.

In the first place, you should speak to your supervisor or group leader, your family and/or your friends. For further help, contact the CERN Mental Health support.​​ Please come and speak to UKLO if you need further advice.


​Last updated 03/05/2024