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"Learn more about particle physics and discover the universe"

Last updated: 18/08/2020

Resources to help understand some of the basics of particle physics

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A shortlist of educational resources from the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

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The fundamentals of matter and force, by Berkley Lab.

A colourful resource that breaks down all the basics into bite-sized chunks under the following titles:

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resents an overview of particle physics and the work going on at CERN in comic book form.

Originally published in 1978 under the title of 'Hunting Particles' this book has been around for a while. The pdf scan available online was last reviewed in 2001, so is now getting a little dated, but still worth noting as an accessible way of digesting the basics.

Versions available in German and French on CDS.

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Physics Education Research facility at CERN; which also have plenty of classroom activities on their websites, many of which can be done at home. We particularly like:
  • Build your own ATLAS model (instructions for the detailed model only in German but the template could be used to build a basic model.)


A map of CERN and the ATLAS detector created in the popular game Minecraft!

The ATLAScraft project is organised by researchers at the University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham. There is also a Youtube demonstration of the project here

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An online activity where students have the chance to ask questions to scientists and vote for their favourite to win £500! It is free for UK schools and runs throughout term-time.

Apply now to take part during the autumn term!

Read about Ed's experience as the winner of the March 2020 competition here

Resources for those with some background

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The full 2019 CERN Summer Student Lecture Programme can be found on either CDS or indico
Lancaster Particle Physics Package.jpg​​​

For those aged 16 - 18. The LPPP aims to give you a feel for the basic physics and experimental techniques involved in particle physics research.
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​​There is also the CERN Courier, a magazine reporting on news and opinion from the world of particle physics: experiments, theory, accelerators, computing and beyond.

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A joint Fermilab/SLAC publication. The Symmetry Magazine makes keeping up with the latest Particle Physics news accessible and is an easy read.
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