Particle Physics Masterclass
03 Dec 2019







​Our annual masterclasses are primarily intended for those students taking modules which include particle physics at 'A' or 'AS' level, but are also open to any physics student or teacher interested in studying or teaching the subject. The Masterclasses will consist of a mixture of talks given by researchers in the Particle Physics Department, hands-on practical sessions and visits to experimental facilities.

This is one of a set of Masterclasses organised by the High Energy Particle Physics Group of the Institute of Physics throughout the UK.

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Masterclasse​​s 2021​

This year's masterclasses will be held virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. It will be held on Thursday 4th​ March, and may be ran on additional days that week - depending on demand.

Register for the event here​​.​​

Instructions for the computer exercise he​re:​​PPM-DataE​xercise_LogIn.pdf


​​Our 2020 Masterclass Lectures are on YouTube

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Lecture slides and Programme from the 2017 Masterclasses


A Very Brief Guide To Accelerators.pdf     -  Tom Williams 

Fundamentals of Particle Physics.pdf       -  Emmanuel Olaiya

The Large Hadron Collider.pdf                -  Benjamin Radburn-Smith

Applications of Accelerators.pdf              -  Rob Edgecock


The very first Masterclass at RAL was held in 1998 when we entertained 114 students from ten different schools. Our popularity increased and in the year 2000 we attracted over 200 students and separate Masterclasses had to be organised over two days to cope with the numbers! This demand continued in 2001 with attendance having to be restricted to 245 students from 19 schools.  In 2002 we adopted a three day format and routinely entertained 500 students each year for the next ten years. In 2012, we went to a four day format and accommodated approximately 700 participants.



For general information, please contact:

Dr. Emmanuel Olaiya
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Dr. Julie Kirk
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Fax: +44 (0)1235 446733

Public Engagement team contact:

Lauren Mowberry
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Contact: Kirk, Julie (STFC,RAL,PPD)