Davit Endeladze
16 Sep 2019





Davit who studies Theoretical Physics at The University of Manchester arrived with an already solid background knowledge from hackathons and previous work experience, so was there any more to be added? Apparently so. He came to learn more about machine learning and it sounds like he has done just that and more. 

Having previously worked with DNN (deep neural networks - an architecture of machine learning) he had however had no formal training and this was his first opportunity to learn from experts and those who use it professionally. He was also introduced to RNN (recurrent neural networks) which are much more useful in some circumstances as they can take a variable number of inputs. 

    Davit praised the amount of support he had during his time here as well as how interested and how much potential staff see in students. Going on to study machine learning he is set up well for the coming year, having gained professional knowledge of the practical application of C++ and he now has a greater understanding of memory management in C++. Davit also pointed out not only has he gained new and useful contacts but friends as well.

Supervisor: Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous

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Contact: Taylor, Josephine (STFC,RAL,PPD)