Summer Students
23 Feb 2012








  • Introduction
  • Eligibility
  • How to Apply
  • Particulars for a Given Year
  • Practical Help


We hope to offer around eight places for Summer Students each year.

The deadline for applications is the 7th of March.

We are looking for high-quality undergraduates who are currently in their 3rd year (only 3rd year) studying physics (in some cases, we may consider students studying Maths, Computer Science, Engineering). These Studentships are highly competitive.

Successful applicants will work with our staff at RAL (Oxfordshire) on one of our projects. These include ATLAS, CMS, Dark Matter, LHCb, LZ and T2K.

Studentships will be for typically 8 weeks, in the period June to September.

Students will be responsible for their own accommodation and transport (we will try to help - see below), but will be paid of the order of 300 pounds per week to cover their expenses.

If you find you are not eligible for our scheme or you are interested in working in other STFC departments, please visit the STFC Summer Student page.


Applicants must be in their 3rd year, and will normally be studying physics. They must already be eligible to work in the UK.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via the UKRI careers portal following this link:

A Letter of Recommendation from your university tutor, should be sent separately by email to Letters of Recommendation should have "YYYY PPD Summer Student Reference" as the subject of the email. We anticipate these will come directly from your tutor (or another member of university staff who has supervised you). The attached letter should have a file name "SURNAME, FIRSTNAME".

There is a certain amount of flexibility in start/end dates and we will try to match selected students to suitable projects.

We hope to come to conclusions and inform all applicants around 28 March.  

If you have questions about the process or the programme, contact 

Particulars for Given Year

  • 2021

  • 2020 - applications now closed

  • 2019 - applications now closed

  • 2018 - applications now closed

  • 2017 - applications now closed


1) What info do you want pertaining to my results for my university work ?

In the olden days, people just got an over-all grade (eg 2.1) as the conclusion to a year. Now we seem to have gone to more complicated (American?) schemes, giving marks for everything. So if you can give an overall grade for a year, that is fine. Also indicate subjects studied, eg QM, Thermodynamics, Optics etc. If you have a transcript, you can include tha.

2) I am a student at a Scottish University, how do the eligibility requirements pertain to me ?

Scottish universities operate a bit differently from English ones. In 2019, we will consider only students who are doing the third year of the course or, if you had Direct Entry into the second year of the course, we will consider you if you are in your third year of study.

For 2020 and onwards, we will strictly only consider students who are in the third year of their university's course.

Practical Help 

The RAL postcode is area is OX11 0QX. Nearby villages/towns are:

  • Chilton - walking distance to RAL
  • Harwell - bike distance (long walk) to RAL
  • Didcot / Wantage - bus (bike ride if you are keen cyclist) to RAL
  • Abingdon - bus to RAL



Contact: Papanestis, Antonis (STFC,RAL,PPD)