RAL speaker list
22 Feb 2011



RAL speaker list



RAL Speakers, willing to give talks to other HEP groups

Please contact Ian Tomalin if you would like to be included in this list.


Dr. Rob Edgecock
​Applications of Accelerators
​Dr. Jens Dopke
​Reading Charcoal:  Using HEP detectors to decipher papyri
​Dr. Stewart Martin-Haugh
​Photon initiated processes at ATLAS
Dr. Stewart Martin-Haugh
Machine Learning in High Energy Physics
​Dr. Costas Andrepoulos
​Neutrino Physics​
Dr. Costas Andrepoulos
The T2K Neutrino Oscilliation Experiment
​Dr. Kostas Manolopoulous
​An FPGA-based track finder for the CMS Phase-2 Level-1 Track Trigger Upgrade
​Dr. Dmitry Emeliyanov
​Software Techniques for Tracking
​Prof. Bill Murray
​Higgs Physics at the LHC
​Dr. Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous
​Searches for light BSM higgs bosons and contraints on BSM models
​Prof. Bob Brown
​Crystal Calorimetry
Dr. Stefania Ricciardi
​Exploring CP Violation with B Decays
​Prof. Alfons Weber​Neutrino Physics
​Prof. Alfons Weber​DUNE