RAL speaker list
22 Feb 2011



RAL speaker list



RAL Speakers, willing to give talks to other HEP groups

Please contact John Baines or Ivana Hristova​ if you would like to be included in this list.


Dr. Rob Edgecock
​Applications of Accelerators
​Dr. Jens Dopke
​Reading Charcoal:  Using HEP detectors to decipher papyri
​Dr. Stewart Martin-Haugh
​Photon initiated processes at ATLAS
Dr. Stewart Martin-Haugh
Machine Learning in High Energy Physics
​Dr. Costas Andrepoulos
​Neutrino Physics​
Dr. Costas Andrepoulos
The T2K Neutrino Oscilliation Experiment
​Dr. Kostas Manolopoulous
​An FPGA-based track finder for the CMS Phase-2 Level-1 Track Trigger Upgrade
​Dr. Dmitry Emeliyanov
​Software Techniques for Tracking
​Prof. Bill Murray
​Higgs Physics at the LHC
​Dr. Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous
​Searches for light BSM higgs bosons and contraints on BSM models
​Prof. Bob Brown
​Crystal Calorimetry
Dr. Stefania Ricciardi
​Exploring CP Violation with B Decays
​Prof. Alfons Weber​Neutrino Physics
​Prof. Alfons Weber
Dr. Alessandro Thea
DUNE and ProtoDUNE continuous DAQ systems