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The STFC High Energy Physics (HEP) Summer School provides first-year graduate students with the basics of particle physics. It was run by RAL until 2012 and later by STFC and UKRI




​The HEP Summer School was run by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) until 2012 and subsequently by STFC and UKRI


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The STFC High Energy Physics (HEP) Summer School provides first-year graduate students with the basics of particle physics early on in their research studies. The school is held each year during the first two weeks of September, delivering a programme of lectures, seminars and tutorials with leading researchers from the STFC Particle Physics department.

The school complements the coursework which they have in their home institutions. It covers topics such as the standard model, relativistic quantum field theory, the techniques of Feynman amplitudes and a full discussion of electro-weak theory and phenomenology. An intensive graduate school ensures that all are well prepared to take advantage of the more advanced summer schools, such as the CERN schools and various advanced studies institutes.

A stimulating environment is created in which students meet all their peers. This produces a strong sense of community which sets the stage for lifelong friendships and research collaborations.​



The School is intensive, with each day comprised of lectures, tutorials, private study periods and poster sessions. 

During the assembly day, prior to the School's start, there is the option of attending a revision session, with the formal commencement the following morning. The evening meal is used as an informal get-together to meet staff and fellow students.

During the first week, there is a barbeque and a quiz night, and on the second Thursday of the School, there is a formal dinner at which an eminent experimental physicist is invited to attend as an after-dinner speaker. 

​After School, ​a set of Proceedings is compiled which comprises copies of the lectures given over the duration of the School.  Copies are traditionally sent out to attendees during the following April.


Included in the electronic invitation pack to students will be some P​​re-School problems. Students should do the problems prior to attending School. Lecturers will assume that this preliminary material has been worked through and if it hasn't difficulty will be experienced in keeping up with the very intensive course.

Students eligible to attend are nominated by their Home Institutes. They should not apply directly. Universities are requested to submit their nominations at the end of April each year. Invitation packs are traditionally sent out to students on the last working day of June.


Invitation packs are traditionally e-mailed to students on the last working day of June. The formal invitation letter guides the student to relevant areas of the HEP Summer School website, ie the attendance form, programme, Somerville College location, a set of preschool problems, and the national rail and coach websites.

The School is staffed by a Director, four lecturers and a number of tutors. Two guest lecturers are also invited to give presentations on complementary subjects to those covered by the primary lecture material.

An official School photograph is taken on the morning of the second Tuesday of the School, copies of which are uploaded onto the Summer School web pages as soon as possible after the Summer School.

The School administrators, Gill Bir​ch and Jacqui Graham are responsible for the organisation of the School.



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