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​Dr Pawel Majewski is the Dark Matter & Rare Event Studies group leader at RAL. He has been working on Liquid Xenon Dark Matter detectors for 20 years, first measuring the LXe response to nuclear recoils in the XENON R&D programme. He co-authored the first measurement of the nuclear recoil ionisation yield in LXe. After joining the UKDMC he worked on the ZEPLIN-II, -III and DRIFT experiments at the Boulby Underground Laboratory. In the latter, he studied the directionality of low-energy nuclear recoil tracks in a low-pressure negative-ion TPC. He was ZEPLIN-III Calibrations and Operations Manager. He also worked on the LAr DEAP-3600 experiment at SNOLAB, delivering a gamma-ray calibration system. He was one of the co-proponents of the LUX-Zeplin experiment at SURF in which he was a work package manager responsible for the design and fabrication of the ultra-radio pure titanium cryostat. He was Project Manager for ZEPLIN-III and also for LZ-UK in its final stage. He was the LZ Calibration Working Group convenor (2017-18). He was a member of PPAP (2018-2020). â€‹

Since 2019 he has been a member of the AION collaboration and since 2022 of the XLZD consortium. He is a spokesperson and co-lead of the MIGDAL collaboration. Since 2023 he has been an STFC Individual Merit Fellow and a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London.