Search for new physics using the LHCb detector at CERN and detector developmentfor the LHCb Mighty Tracker Upgrade
29 Nov 2022







​Supervisors: Dr Atanu Modak (RAL-PPD) & Prof. Chris Parkes (University of Manchester)

​The LHCb (Large Hardon Collider beauty) is a general-purpose forward detector at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, whose aims include investigating beauty and charm particle decays and specialized to understand the phenomena of matter-antimatter asymmetries. The detector went through a major upgrade during the long shutdown 2 (LS2, 2019-22) to greatly expand its capabilities for LHC Run3 and Run4. Presently, this new detector system is commissioning before physics data taking commences with yields around an order of magnitude higher than in Run 2 in many modes. The detector is planned to go through another major revamp during the long shutdown 4 (LS4, 2033-34) to exploit the opportunities for flavour physics, and beyond, in the HL-LHC era. 

The studentship will focus on developing detector for the LHCb Mighty Tracker upgrade and analyse the LHC Run3 data to look for the signature of new physics, exploiting the higher integrated luminosity and enhanced precision of the current upgraded detector. As a part of the LHCb Mighty Tracker R&D, the student will be involved in full characterization of the silicon sensors in the lab and participate in test beam campaigns to qualify the sensor design for final production. The studentship will have an equal split between the physics data analysis and detector projects and there will be opportunities to work on other aspects of the experiment as well.​

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