Careers in particle physics
30 Jun 2021



Find out more about people with careers in particle physics




From engineers to graphic designers, STEM offers a wide range​ of careers. NUSTEM's ​Person of the Week aims to introduce children to diverse STEM role models and job roles. NUSTEM also developed Careers in STEM Postcards to help students in the Key Stage 3 curriculum learn more about careers in science and technology. These resources include people from STFC, including the Particle Physics Department.​

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Dr. BEN SMART is currently working on developing data acquisition for the ATLAS pixel detector and preparing the RAL facility for pixel module loading and testing. ​

Dr. JENS DOPKE is a Senior Detector Scientist working on the assembly of, electronics for and data acquisition from, large Particle Physics experiments. Currently mostly involved in ATLAS, he also invests time into the design and test of future detector systems, as well as reaching out towards the arts and humanities through X-ray-based imaging projects with the Arts and Humanities Research Council.​

STEPH HILLS is​ the European Communications and Stakeholder Manager for STFC at CERN, currently working in the CERN UK Press Office.

Prof BILL MURRAY is a joint academic with Warwick University who is currently engaging with future collider projects. He was also the ATLAS Higgs Convener in the run-up to Higgs's discovery in 2012 and then Physics Coordinator. 

Dr. EMMANUEL OLAIYA, an experimental particle physicist who works mainly on beyond the Standard Model physics such as Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM), Z prime bosons and Quantum Black Holes. He is also an expert in computing and software.