02 Aug 2017
- Haywood







Particle Physics Dept (PPD) welcomes interest from those who would like to hold an ERF at RAL.

Please contact

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships

These fellowships aim is to support future scientific leaders to establish a strong, independent research programme. The fellowships cover salary & travel costs for 5 years. Successful candidates also have the opportunity to bid for additional Ernest Rutherford research funding of ~£50,000/year, which they can use to employ staff, buy equipment etc.

Candidates must have a PhD in experimental particle physics, must have started their PhD course at least ~4 years prior to applying for the fellowship, and must not yet have a permanent job. They should ideally have experience in both detector construction/operation and physics analysis. A​nd be enthusiastic about explaining particle physics to the public. They must show leadership potential.

Applications must be made jointly by the candidate and RAL.

Deadline 20th Sept 2018 (though contact RAL at least one month before this).

For more details, see the ERF page.

Contact: Haywood, Stephen (STFC,RAL,PPD)