T2K Future
22 Feb 2011



T2K Future


Two of the secondary effects of the research are advances in knowledge about CP violation, and the development of MPPCs.

CP Violation

CP symmetry states that matter and anti-matter should behave identically. Sakharov pointed out that CP violation is required to explain why there are not equal amounts of matter and anti-matter. Research in this field has continued since its discovery in 1964, when it was observed in the decaying of neutral kaons. It has never been observed in neutrinos, however they may be responsible for the excess amount of matter in the universe.


Multi-pixel Photon Counters are used to detect extremely weak light where extreme photo-detector sensitivity is needed, for example in bioluminescence analysis and single molecular detection. Perhaps the most important feature of an MPPC is that it is not susceptible to magnetic fields, allowing many more uses. A Position Emission Tomography scanner could, with more development in MPPCs, be integrated into an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) system.