11 Dec 2019



Zero support Mass Detector (ZMD) CMOS


Co-supervisors: PPD - J. Dopke, QMUL - A. Bevan

​This project will build on the work by QMUL on making self-supporting low mass non-planar silicon detectors using strip sensors – the Zero support Mass Detector (ZMD) concept; where areas of 10x10cm of curved silicon have been assembled as models, and there is a funded R\&D project to build strip sensor modules to test this method.  The future of large area tracking systems will rely on large scale production and assembly of stitched CMOS devices, and a necessary precursor to applying the ZMD concept to CMOS is to study the properties of thinned CMOS sensors that are assembled in a non-planar geometry.  This project will tackle the ZMD CMOS paradigm.

Contact: Dopke, Jens (STFC,RAL,PPD)