08 Jan 2019



Developing a next generation tracker and studying charm physics at LHCb


Co-supervisors: PPD - F. Wilson, Manchester - C. Parkes.

The LHCb Collaboration is planning a new quark flavour physics experiment for the HL-LHC, an Upgrade II. You will work on the development of novel radiation hard  CMOS detectors for the tracking detectors of LHCb but with the potential for application to a range of other experiments. You will undertake testing of prototype detectors along with simulation and layout and performance optimisation studies. You will also work on the study of charm quark physics using the unprecedentedly large data sample collected by LHCb from 2011-2018, potentially in the area of rare decays which are suppressed or forbidden in the standard model but can occur in new physics scenarios or undertake one of the first searches for matter anti-matter differences in charm baryon decays. 


Contact: Wilson, Fergus (STFC,RAL,PPD)