LHCb Grid Computing
22 Feb 2011



LHCb Grid Computing


LHCb Computing Grid

The RAL Group has been very active in the construction of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (link opens in a new window) (WLCG) that will be used to process and analyse the data flowing from the experiments. The UK portion of this Grid has been built by the GridPP collaboration (link opens in a new window) of particle physicists and computer scientists.

In LHCb, six external Tier 1 centres will reconstruct and strip the data from CERN and make it available for analysis, with the UK centre (link opens in a new window) located at RAL. A series of Tier 2 centres will produce the large simulated datasets that will also be necessary to analyse the experiment - with four regional centres (link opens in a new window) located in the UK.