02 Dec 2020



Hyper-K - Hyper-Kamiokande Project


Co-supervisors: PPD - A. Holin, Kings College London - Prof F. Di Lodovico

The Hyper-Kamiokande experiment is the next generation of neutrino observatory. It consists of one of the most powerful long baseline neutrino beams, a near detector complex  and  a 260 kton Water Cherenkov Far Detector using 40000 high efficiency photomultiplier tubes. The experiment has a wide physics range with excellent sensitivity to neutrino CP violation through the measurement of the high-power neutrino beam from JPARC, the neutrino mass ordering through the measurement of atmospheric neutrinos and unprecedented sensitivity to proton decay which is predicted by many grand unified theories. In addition, the detector is highly sensitive to galactic supernovae and can even see a supernova from Andromeda and well as detecting the background of neutrinos from supernovae across the universe, the DSNB.

There is a variety of possible project a student can contribute to, studying and improving the sensitivity of the above mentioned measurements, working on the development of the Hyper-K outer detector, vital for all the above measurements, getting involved with the development of a fast GPU based triggering process to detect supernovae and their direction, and/or the development of methods to reduce systematic uncertainties. Some of the work could involve prototyping the proposed methods using the existing Super-Kamiokande detector.

The scholarship covers student's stipend and fees at a level required from 'home' students. International students will need to have additional funding to cover full fees at the international level.

Contact: Weber, Alfons (STFC,RAL,PPD)