02 Dec 2020



DUNE - Development of data acquisition software and physics studies


Co-supervisors: PPD - A. Thea, RHUL - A. Kaboth

The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) is a next-generation neutrino observatory seeking to measure CP violation in the neutrino sector. The experiment consists of a high-power neutrino beam beginning at Fermilab, which is sampled by two suites of argon-based detectors: the Near Detector complex on the Fermilab site and the Far Detector complex, deep underground at the SURF site in South Dakota. DUNE will also have access to a wide variety of other physics, including the neutrino mass ordering,  atmospheric neutrino behavior, supernova neutrinos, and neutrino cross sections.

The RAL group is seeking a student, jointly with Royal Holloway University of London, who will carry out research developing the data acquisition (DAQ) system common to the near and far detectors. The DAQ system is the ‘brain’ of these detectors, processing incoming data streams and making decisions about what data to record. The student will develop the control, configuration, and monitoring systems of the DAQ and exercise these systems at advanced prototype detectors at CERN and SLAC, and analyze the data coming from these prototype detectors both to evaluate the performance of the DAQ and make physics measurements that will feed into DUNE measurements for years to come.

The scholarship covers student's stipend and fees at a level required from 'home' students. International students will need to have additional funding to cover full fees at the international level.

Contact: Thea, Alessandro (STFC,RAL,PPD)