08 Jan 2019



Preparation of the ATLAS calorimeter trigger for Run-3 and Run 3 physics analysis


Co-supervisors:  PPD: D. Sankey, Birmingham: A. Watson

The project will be in the L1 Calorimeter trigger upgrade on ATLAS. It will commence in October 2019 and run for 3.5 years (as is currently the norm for STFC quota places). The studentship would include experimental/operations, calibration/performance and physics analysis components, each potentially providing material for thesis write-up.

The L1Calo groups at Birmingham and RAL are heavily engaged in preparing upgrades for the ATLAS calorimeter trigger which are scheduled to be installed and commissioned during the LHC shutdown in 2019/20. The electronics (the eFex processors) have been successfully prototyped and are about to go into production. Custom test modules have been produced and firmware is in an advanced stage of development by project engineers. The proposed studentship would provide an excellent overlap with the next phase of this activity and afford a number of interesting opportunities (see below).

After an initial period at Birmingham where the student would complete academic and computing courses, he/she would move to CERN to participate in the debugging and commissioning of the eFex processors in readiness for Run-3. This work would sit alongside general operational tasks, giving hands-on experimental experience, including the opportunity to participate in control room shifts and providing first-line expert support. Whilst at CERN there would also be opportunity to become involved in an analysis group, which would provide a foundation for the physics analysis component of the thesis. After a year to 18 months at CERN, the student would return to RAL where work on eFex calibration and performance would be carried out, alongside ongoing physics analysis. In the final phase the student would return to Birmingham to complete the analysis and write up the thesis.

At the present time, the physics analysis topic is still to be selected and of course will depend on the interests of the student, the availability of supervisory staff with relevant expertise and the research priorities of the ATLAS groups in PPD and Birmingham.

Contact: Middleton, Robin (STFC,RAL,PPD)