18 Apr 2017





The RAL ATLAS HLT group is active both in the operation of the current trigger system for Run 2 and in the planned upgrades for Run 3 and beyond.

Run 2:

  • ID trigger CPU tracking - algorithm development, maintenance and performance measurements
  • HLT integration and performance measurements for the Fast TracKer (FTK)
  • On-call expert shifts (reprocessing, ID/b-jet monitoring, releases, validation)

Phase-1 Upgrade (Run 3):

  • Development of a multi-threaded event processing framework (AthenaMT)
  • Investigation of the effectiveness (processing time, cost) of GPUs as a possible addition to the HLT farm

Phase-2 Upgrade (Run 4 onwards):

  • Editing the Phase-2 TDAQ Initial and Technical Design Reports
  • Investigation of the use of GPUs for pattern matching (alternative to FTK++)

Members of the HLT group have held major management responsibilities within ATLAS Trigger and ATLAS UK:

  • HLT UK Project Leader
  • Inner Detector Trigger Coordinator
  • Trigger Releases and Validation Coordinator
  • Chair/member TDAQ Speakers Committee
  • B-physics Trigger Coordinator
  • TDAQ Steering Group members

We regularly host summer and work experience students at RAL and supervise qualification tasks for new ATLAS authors within the trigger. We have strong links with UK universities active in the ATLAS HLT.

Contact: Baines, John (STFC,RAL,PPD)